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World clan leader in Bendigo

Former chairman of the world-wide Clan Macpherson Association, Shelagh Macpherson Noble, met with members of Bendigo’s Scots Day Out team today as strong diaspora bonds continue to grow between the city and Scotland.

Mrs Macpherson Noble served as world chairman from 2009 to 2012 and is now an honourary vice-president of the association that is well represented at Scots Day Out each year in Rosalind Park.

She met with the 2017 chieftain Neil Clark who presented the visiting clan leader with a scarf in the unique official Bendigo tartan. Former chieftains and the event director were also among those to meet with Mrs Macpherson Noble.

The Australian visit by Mrs Macpherson Noble and her husband Alistair included time in Victoria where she continues to research the role of an ancestor, Alexander Macpherson, one of the survivors of the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition.

Mrs Macpherson Noble acknowledged the leadership of the clan’s Victorian representative David McPherson who each year arranges the presence at Scots Day Out.

During the meeting, there were discussions on the features of Scots Day Out and diaspora celebrations in Scotland.Scots Day Out is on Saturday 3 March in Bendigo’s Rosalind Park – a free event in the centre of the city.

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