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Glorious tastes of bonnie Scotland ... try your hand

Will the victor be a clan member, a dancer or a piper at Scots Day Out this Saturday in Bendigo's Rosalind Park?

Yes, the great challenge is on again to find the best shortbread and Athol Brose.

Our 2018 chieftain Bryan Coghlan will be assisted by none other than his work colleague and expat Scot Justine Blacklock in selecting the finest on offer.

Entries will be received at the SDO information tent just near the Sidney Myer Place pedestrian bridge in Rosalind Park until 1pm with judging timed to commence 30 minutes later.

Try your hand and enter the My Scottish Kitchen Challenge at SDO.

And for some tips on making Athol Brose, check out this video from the Bendigo Advertiser a few years back featuring SDO team member Peter Barker.

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