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Great gathering of diaspora

Scottish diaspora organisations will create Clan Central at Scots Day Out in Bendigo's Rosalind Park on Saturday 2 March - the place to discover your heritage and connect with many Australian organisations linked around the world for sharing information on Scottish families and their history.

Scots Day Out has become one of the largest diaspora gatherings and already more than a dozen clans and organisations have registered to be part of the free day in the centre of the city.

Among the clans will be MacLean, Sinclair, Sutherland, MacLeod, Donald, MacDonald, Fraser, MacPherson, MacMillan and MacLennan, MacGillivray and Edmonstone.

And they will be joined by Victorian Scottish Union, the Burns Club and the Gaelic Society celebrating the history and heritage of Scotland.

Clans will carry their banners in the parade down View St at 10am before sharing stories and activities in Clan Central throughout the day.

Scots Day Out again looks forward to welcome diaspora from across Australia for the 2019 celebrations.

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