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Scotland: Light and Dark

Blending the wonderful liquid amber with cutting-edge contemporary short films - that's the the opening scene for Bendigo's Scots Day Out celebration this year with a special Australian premiere of highlights from the Edinburgh Short Film Festival.

Top picks from the award winning festival will be interspersed with an exclusive whisky tasting of unique single malts selected by Craig Merson of The Whisky Company in the Engine Room, Bendigo's old fire station in View St re-purposed as an intimate arts space, on Friday 1 March.

The malts for the evening will not be available for tasting the following day at Scots Day Out.

ESSF director Paul Bruce is curating short films from some of Scotland's exciting new producers and directors in the fourth year of the creative partnership between Edinburgh and Bendigo.

The light and dark of of the short films will blend with the light and dark of Scotland's single malts.

Paul loves the unique venues SDO uses for the annual screening of premiere highlights. "You have used an old gold mine, an art gallery and been outdoors ... now an old fire station. Wonderful settings for contemporary film sceenings."

ESSF has just been announced as the best short film festival in Britain and we're delighted that SDO is able to share to best in Bendigo.

Scotland: Light and Dark Friday 2 March 7.30pm.


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