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The chiefs are calling

With record registrations of clans and diaspora organisations for Scots Day Out 2019, Bendigo will have some high-ranking visitors for the annual celebrations in Rosalind Park on Saturday 2 March.

Among them will be:

  • Frank McGregor, the High Commissioner and Lieutenant Clan Gregor Australia, travelling from Hobart

  • Ken Gordon, Chieftain of the Gordon Clan in Australia, travelling from northern NSW; and

  • A regular at SDO, Malcolm Edmiston, High Commissioner for Australasia for the Clan Edmonstone Society, travelling south from Townsville.

They will have more than a few pointers in performing the duties of the top job for the 2019 SDO chieftain who will be announced shortly.

Each year SDO appoints a chieftain in recognition of their contribution to strengthening the Bendigo community.

Over the first six years our chieftains have been Keith Sutherland, Bruce McClure, Tim Robertson, Kathryn Mackenzie, Neil Clark and Bryan Coughlan.

Watch out for the 2019 announcement!

Pictured: Ken Gordon

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