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The pipers are calling

The bands are coming to Scots Day Out 2020 - pipes playing, drums beating and kilts swirling their way down View Street in the opening parade on Saturday 29 February.

And then in Rosalind Park, the bands will be in competition from 11am on the Band Arena before the stunning and spectacular massed bands at 4.30pm to close Bendigo's special day of Scottish celebration.

There are 18 bands for SDO this year from across Victoria and also NSW. For many, Scots Day Out is part of preparation for the Pipe Bands Australian Diamond Jubilee Year Australian Pipe Band Championships in Maryborough on 4 and 5 April.

Here are the bands to come along and cheer, follow their journey to the championships and marvel at their music.


HAWTHORN Pipe Major: Matthew Fraser Drum Sgt: Stephen Shedden Tartan: Mackenzie

MOORABBIN Pipe Major: Simon Blackshaw Drum Sgt: Alexis Ferguson Tartan: William Bruce


CITY OF MELBOURNE Pipe Major: Campbell Wilson Drum Major: Benjamin Casey Drum Sgt: Dean Hall Tartan: Logan Maclennan

VICTORIA SCOTTISH Pipe Major: Ross Bates Drum Sgt: Tim Calderan Tartan: Robertson


FEDERATION UNIVERSITY BALLARAT Pipe Major: Neil Macdonald Drum Sgt: Tim Bodey Tartan: Ancient Caledonia

GOLDEN CITY Pipe Major: Helen Dilks Drum Major: Nola Blake Drum Sgt: Stuart Johnson Tartan: Royal Stewart.

HAILEYBURY No 1 Pipe Major: Angus Evans Drum Sgt: Christian Van der Merwe Tartan: Haileybury

OLD SCOTCH Pipe Major: David Forbes Drum Sgt: Scott Diener Tartan: Gordon

ST ARNAUD Pipe Major: Lin Postlethwaite Drum Major: Blair Michael Drum Sgt: Briony-Anne Pearce Tartan: Cameron of Erracht


ALBURY WODONGA Pipe Major: Angus Beath Drum Major: Barry Prater Drum Sgt: Milton Mann Tartan: Ancient Caledonia

BALLARAT GRAMMAR Pipe Major: Rory Barnett Drum Sgt: Ben Jones Tartan: Modern Holyrood

CITY OF MELBOURNE No 2 Pipe Major: Chris Bouwmeester Drum Major: John Harvey Drum Sgt: Gabriella Periera Tartan: Logan MacLennan

HORSHAM Pipe Major: Michael Stewart Drum Major: John Fatchen Drum Sgt: Anthony Munro Tartan: MacQueen/Wallace

HAILEYBURY No 2 Pipe Major: Oliver Perry Drum Sgt: Jonathan Panetta Tartan: Haileybury

MARYBOROUGH Lead piper: Hamish Hare Drum Major: Jack Hodges Lead drummer: Ella Hodges Tartan: Hunting Stewart

WATSONIA Pipe Major: Ian Gray Drum Major: Len Northmore Drum Sgt: Adam Hamilton Tartan: MacBeth


BENDIGO HIGHLAND Pipe Major: Brenton Hayward Drum Major: Peter Heritage Drum Sgt: Greg Fawcett Tartan: MacPherson

CASTLEMAINE Pipe Major: Vic Groenhout Drum Major: Tony Mathers Drum Sgt: Trevor Kuhle Tartan: Chief McIntosh

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