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We'll set a new date

Following considerable discussion by the Scots Day Out committee and extensive consultation and guidance from the City of Greater Bendigo, the SDO committee reluctantly has made the decision to postpone SDO 2022 to the spring of next year.

There remain COVID compliance requirements for events and meeting these extend beyond the capacity of the small SDO committee in terms of logistics, funding and implementation.

Also taken into great consideration was the impact of current government requirements on the atmosphere and concept that is uniquely Scots Day Out together with the risk associated with the still rapidly-changing nature of response and regulation to the COVID-19 pandemic. The risk, including financial implications would be too much for the SDO committee.

The committee has also considered that all Scottish events leading up to the original scheduled date for SDO have been cancelled for those organisers.

We are pleased to announce, however, that with the support of City of Greater Bendigo we will be presenting A Taste of SDO at the Capital Theatre on Friday 4 March, including Australian premieres from the Edinburgh Short Film Festival. Full details will be announced next month.

In the meantime, we are currently identifying possible dates in spring for SDO 2022.

The SDO committee apologises that our annual event cannot be held in March 2022 as planned. However, the decision has been made with community safety in mind and the long-term success of Scots Day Out.

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